An amazing golden floral gift
For bees and butterflies
Rich in pollen and nectar
For anything that flies
Every part of this plant
Root right up to flower
Can be eaten throughout the year
And it will give you power

It’s very tonifying For the urinary
Liver kidneys gall bladder
In minerals it’s packed
Very Good for the elderly
For our bones in old age
Luteolin is excellent
Really it’s off the page

I really love the bitterness
Dandelion greens they glow
Really good for blood quality
The skin will start to show
Others just how healthy
You look it has that feel
I actually think they are magickal
And sort of make me real

And if they are growing in your garden
It’s an indication that you
Need them it’s a psychic message
And so what you should do
Is listen to that message
And eat the greens they are free
As long as you don’t spray them
Great value there it be

They are very very sensitive
Light it turns them on
In the spring and summer
The flowers that they then don
Will be just open wide
Breathing in the light
But later in the evening
They close up for the night

Dandelion means lion tooth
It’s really a marvellous plant
Officianalis was used by herbal doctors
And we can’t
Forget this the Egyptians the Romans’
And the greeks
the Chinese and the Japanese
Honestly it speaks

Volumes for the ancients
Who drank their mugs of tea
And coffee from the roasted roots
And ate the leaves for free
It really works the bladder
So you are bound to pee
It’s a most effective diuretic
And wild animals agree

Boars love eating dandelions
And Cows given the chance
It helps with milk production
And rabbits watch them dance
They feel the health provided
And song birds like their seed
Horses find the leaves too bitter
Something to take heed

It really is an amazing plant
It’s hollow stems produce
Latex and the Chinese
Make rubber that’s no ruse
It make a softer pliable
Very useful way
Of harnessing the latex
So the Chinese say

The milky sap is safe to use
On fungal growths and warts
On anything that itches
On bruises just all sorts
Of skin conditions really
It’s a truly marvellous gift
Hated by certain gardeners
Who fail to get my drift

It’s actually makes the lawn
More healthy
Drawing minerals through
Some may think it’s invasive
But it has a job to do
Feed the bee’s fix nitrogen
And tonify us all
It may be growing in your yard
But you fail to hear its call

And you go off to the supermarket
And buy your salads there
With no idea from whence they came
Perhaps you do not care
But in your own vibration
This plant has come to say
Eat my leaves and eat my flowers
And feel good everyday

And look at my beautiful golden flowers
Attracting the sun
The hover flies the Lepidoptera
All having fun
It actually releases ethylene gas
Ripening wild fruit
And has been around some 30 million
Years for the astute

Witches know it’s secrets
Rich in A C and K
Dandelion flower tempura
The order of the day
Ohitashi dandelion leaves
Boiled then soaked a while
And served with a dash of tamari
Which helps to reconcile

Oneself a while to remedy
The simple joys around
It’s good for the adrenals
That what i have found
It lowers our blood sugar
It’s a really special thing
Worthy of more scrutiny
That honestly will bring

It’s magick to your table
And grows all through the year
As children we blew on the clock
The puff balls it was clear
We watched the Pappus of fine hairs
Each seed designed to fly
Across the fields of plenty
And then just fall somewhere and lie

And this is called apomixis
No pollination here
So when it grows it’s exactly
Like its mother never fear
A matriarchal miracle
Created just like that
And eating the whole plant
You can feel where she is at

In autumn go out to the woods
Or in your own back hard
And dig up some of the dandelions
Here today this bard
Does it very often
Clean the tap roots found
Then cuts them up and dries them in the oven
Then I ground

Them roast them in a pan
And make a coffee drink
It doesn’t have any caffeine
And there is a link
Again it cleans out toxins
As organic as can be
And if you add some agar
And some maple it can be

A dessert a kind of jelly
That is cleansing
And tonifying
And all of this in your backyard
And I promise I’m not lying
I really love the bitterness
And all of it is free
It wild it’s full of goodness
And this poem is from me

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