Bullhooks and elephants

the illogicality
Of an elephant so strong
With a certainty and reasoning
Of where it does belong
It has a share on instinct
And memory of pain
Its misreckoning though to use
A bull hook
Imagining you could gain
Really any credence
From the elephant
Who could
with one swipe
Knock your block off
And how would that be good

for me it just is perilous
Perhaps its wavering doubt
Breaking trust is futile
Naivety may shout
For the elephants
Its on record
There isnt a way out
Long term trust is broken
Thats what its about

For humans its a backwardness
And inappreciation
For the elephant will take the stick
And build up its salvation
Of snapping at some future time
Its to blunder one might say
To be fatuous and tactless
And pay for it someday

The day what had accrued was due
the threats came to ahead
But from the elephants sanity
In his right mind was led
To seek redress from earlier threats
The balance seemingly
The line was crossed and it had cost
A life it seems to me

For one so large and powerful
To threaten as some do
Will never be a shining light
Respected through and through
They will always be on notice
Negating any good
Threatening abuse of any kind
Is false logic and it could

Lead to a death for
no apparent reason

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