Blue bells

Lovers of light
With a presence so true
Like a beautiful swarm
Like a great sea of blue
Born out of ancientness
The forest floor
Lights up with colour
More so than before

Lovers of lime rich soils
Flowering April through May
Undisturbed eco systems
Perennials they play
Into the orchestral music
And we
As Linnaeus observed
In 1753

For me an old poet
With the eyes of a child
So engaged by the ocean
Of blue lapping wild
Keats endymion became inspiration
And in ashridge forest
I hear the oration

The Greatest prose
Over a chalk soil
The great understory
The sanctum so royal
A fine sprawl of colour
To intensify
The motionless vista
Exciting my eye

Undisturbed and sequestered
A millpond to woo
Quiescent and tranquil
And purplish blue
Transfixed by the beauty
Stopped in my tracks
Sharing affinity
Thats all else lacks

Richer in pollen so loved by the bee
Who attends to the nectar
That sweetness so key
In our true pollination
The bumbling souls
Who love our sweet perfume
Its one of their goals

In life exaltation
They dive, they ascend
Fill up their baskets
Farewell to their friend
Make off with their bounty
That tangible treat
That taste of correctness
So very complete

in hedgerows
And coastal plains
Before trees are fully leafed
They go to great pains
To draw down the light force
As much as they can
For that is their true need
Their general plan

The quiet miccorrhizal
arbuscular they
Are phantoms in many ways
Planning their way
Observing the temperature,
the water
So many gaze out ready, to lure
Euromyces muscari
Attracting the pure

The sugary sweetness
The olfaction so blue
It just wants to smother
An ambrosial view
Winding through the shadows
The hush and the still
The cyanic laughter
A sapphire or two

The trees feel beholden
That witness the scene
From the great auditorium
Where they have been
looking up as the pealing
Begins now in haste
Attracting attention
With their bodying grace

Happy birthday to you

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