Assange abandoned

To have the courage
of your convictions
In this day and age
as politicians basically
Have begun to show their age

Their obnoxiousness and morbidity
Their cruelty and spite
Against the good and soundness
The flawlessness
the right
Seven years of inertness
Of unwillingness to be
Understanding and responsive
Charged with charity

Well intentioned
And well wishing
Out of kindness to be sure
Instead just inhumanity
And ferocity and more.

Grinding a soul down
Under house arrest
Under the threat of incarceration
Hopeful that you’d test
The spirit and devotion
Of a journalist who published
War criminality
on a terrifying scale
Of such depravity

And because of that
He is summoned
Threatened and made to be
A victim of the evil
Pure malignancy
Callousness and severity
Thats ofcourse the case
Punished for exposing
The evil human race

Despite your myriad churches
Your sermons and your god
The mischief making carries on
The villains hold the rod
Of power and beat the innocent
Just look at him and see
He has aged some twenty years
Where is your inclemency?

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