April jasmine an opera played out in silence

Jasmine green
A ballerina
Emerging from the stem
Pirouette’s whose golden fingers
Hold a future gem
A starlit curl of blossom
A scent to captivate
Wind and rain and gentleness
Resulting from the wait
The honest truth abundantly
As myriad stems entwine
On a spring of stardom
So potentially divine

Between the wall and window
Where crumbling old stock bricks
Their mortar cracked and broken
Someone had knocked for six
A reverse light left its randomness
Hanging and the light
A hint of redness Like a fire
At about the height

Of where the jasmine daintily
Danced the hours alone
Its contours and its attitude
Its formation and its tone
Brought it all into the equation
In a startling strapping pose
A true configuration
Underneath my nose

Uncovering and unveiling
The bounteous spirit there
Unattired and naked
Its striptease it did share
A healthy interruption
For the heart and eye to feel
An intrusion from the study
That I can now reveal

Looking through my study window
At the jasmine in the garden

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