Alejandro Aranda

Home schooled self taught
Pomona heard
The woollen hat
A fabled bird
A visionary in many ways
Whimsical and bound to raise
Eyebrows heartsrings
A gentle heart
That tempers stress

Imaginative in every way
Believable to you I say
Creatively rhapsodic, we
Sit and listen trustingly
A gentle tone
A reverie
A cerebration
Of constancy

Stevie Nicks did ascertain
Your imagery and sweet refrain
The essence there
And spirit too
Rising a soupcon into view
Clarifying shyly you
Sing your heart out
As you do

The genius is clearly there
Unassuming and aware
The guitar playing
Clearly yours
An attitude wins you applause
Such distinction
Trance like esoterics bring
All sorts of colours
And cerebration
A vapourous unerring cation

Alejandro your self doubt
Really what is that about
Confidence and true desire
The audience your inner fire
And purity and gentleness
Lateral thinking
You redress
The balances the artistry
That you now share

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