The sickness of ocean users

We have seen the beginning
How long to the end
The emergence of madness
The countdown my friend
The embryonic nature of man
The light of day
And our wonderful plan

The end time is coming
Hearts ceasing eyes closing
Maybe Armageddon
The oil barons posing
The awful pandemic
Of single use comes
Oil based and plastic
Really it numbs

The total diversity
Now everywhere
The oceans are vast
But there’s so much despair
Deviants and mutants
Recalcitrants too
The oceans a dumping ground
For all of you

Single use plastic
Corporate crap
Commercial sacking
Vast plastic wrap
Dumped overboard
By the filth of display
Humanities outpouring

Waste and excreta
All sorts of chemicals
Dumped in the sea
Fishing gear netting
Anything goes
Inanity prevalent
That’s how it flows

BLank minds and empty heads
Apparently they
Lean over the side
And just toss it away
Unseeing they
Take great sheets of plastic
And chuck them away

Unprotected unguarded
Sluttish and Sloven
The kitchen sink
And any old oven
The ocean alas the great dumping ground
For us all
In the middle of no where
We act like the fool

And what if the creatures
That live in the space
The ocean wide
The newest disgrace
What of the great whales
And the great hordes of fish
The oceans a shit hole
And what’s in our dish

All sorts of animals
Pulled out of the sea
We are feeding our children
How mad can we be
Whales coming ashore
Almost everyday
Their guts filled with plastic
What do we say

Whales after squids
Swallow great plastic sheet
Rice sacks from China
We arn’t Discreet
We just dump everything
Now overboard
Taking it back to port
We can’t afford

Their dying of gastric shock
Cetacean hordes
Beautiful wonderful
Their sad rewards
For just being gifted
To oceans for we
Use specious argument and sophistry

Companies abusing environments
It’s all bloody chemical spray
It’s so irrational what we all do
It’s our lack of vision
Honest it’s true
Knighthoods for CEO’s
Tax haven types
So much shit in the ocean
It gives me the gripes

The voiceless are dying
In agony they
Swallowing landfill
Suffering terribly
Distressing and ruinous
That’s how we be

Our hurtfulness
We do not care
Bitterness painfulness
It’s everywhere
Filthy and mangy and manky
And rank
Shameful and scandalous
As long as the bank

Account is full up
Nobody cares
The oceans a soup
Of tragic affairs
Everything’s dying
Compromised so
No such word as respect
Life has reached a new low

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