The most terrifying poem ever written

Mother writhing
Slaughtered for
The burger joint
Yea up the street
The the “cow and burger”a great place
Where plastic plates and bottles greet

The frantic dossers
Wanting more
Beef the grief
For evermore
With lots of lettuce
All of that
Mixed up with sugar salt
And fat

Its the throw away society
Around the streets
And gutters where
Eventually the ocean too
Feels the ugly vile despair

So another mother’s dying breath
Where darkly surgeons cause to say
Cesarians they cause and we
See creation born to be

Death the mother frantic
Her offspring
Yea created gore
60 seconds of malignancy
The abattoir the acerbity

Bitterness a harsh refrain
Those burger scoffing
All the bane
Of creation drawing
On the power
Of life itself
And that dark hour

The evil eye is everywhere
Condemn the spirit
Lets not care
We banned emotion long ago
Blaspheme and blast
And sink as low

Viperose deadly black hearted vile
Labouring deadbeats
Drenched in bile
Paid to slaughter
Mothers who
Gave everything
Of themselves for you

Gave their calves
Gave their soul
Gave their milk
Yes you stole
Every second of every day
From them oh yes
You made them pay

And now cut up
And leaking blood
Her offspring
Make the final flood
Babies living
Created souls
Godly figures
Clearly poles

Apart from the heartless
Burger joint
The merciless
Tossers who annoint
Their plastic seats
To fill their guts
With all that dead flesh
All those cuts

Steaks and offal
All names we use
For what was once tissue
That we abuse
We slaughter mothers
In their prime
Heavily pregnant
Still they climb

All over her with blades
Of steel
Cut into her
That pain is real
With one final moment
She lets them go
Her offspring
Enter hell we know

Meat scoffing laggards
Cannot wait
To get their teeth
Into something great
All that anger all that pain
All those tears
Yes life in vain

We watch her die
We hear that breath
Her spirit
We see the death
We hear the babies
We hear the men
The reprobates
And we know when

The calves will die
And be thrown away
Down the chute
Just another day
For the dead flesh scoffers
The tossers who
Are guilty as charged
Yea yea and you too

2 comments on “The most terrifying poem ever written

  1. Geiger Harald on said:

    dear Rex, Yes so sad and terrible is the reality for so many animals, Thank you for your deep compassion.

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