The big flop

Captivity sucks
For all wild creatures who
Are subjugated
Their whole life times through
Thrown into circus
A torment refrain
Despair and disdain

Anguished and maltreated
Harassed and made
To do stupid tricks
The whole circus parade
An audience gasping
At our vulgarity
Uncultured boorishness
Thats what they see

As lions we are wild
We are fearless and bold
The audacious display
In abuse we are rolled
Made to feel foolish
In so many ways
Our noble descent
And that ugly phase

Its very unseemly
To put our power down
We choose to let you
Clean up tHe town
Its all smoke and mirrors
Abuse all the way
There is no amusement
And it feels worse each day

So we fight back
We have to
The dishonesty
We do what we do
Because we cannot be free
To roam as we once did
Caged up all day
Sworn at and beaten
For the circus display

We hope that our teeth marks
Hurt you today
That our molars will
Fester and that you will pay
More attention to our wildness
Not leave us be
Allowed to do our thing
Our sanctity

You are the wicked ones
Flagrant abuse
Your amorality
Where is a noose
It should be around your scrags
Yes it ought be
We suffer in silence
Whilst iniquity

Takes over the show
We are left feeling we
Dont have any strength
And ofcourse we can be
A powerhouse of perils
Whenever we please
And can take you out
With absolute ease

The circus is cruel
And a real nasty place
We are the victims
It is a disgrace
A show entertaining
Where we pit our soul
Against you with your larceny
And pointed pole

Just to grab hold of you
Dig our teeth deep
Shatter your veins
Let your arteries weep
Blood gushing everywhere
Let there be pain
And may you think twice
Before you abuse us again

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