The Beaver Trapper and the FUR HAGS

The lowest form of low life
Are the trappers
Those that dare
To set out to trap Beavers
As such all unaware
They are completely hopeless
As environmental souls
For Beavers are so special
BEAVERS take on roles
Far beyond their stature
And to murder them for fur
For stoles and coats
For miserable hags
Really any that were
As ignorant as the trapper
I say should be put down
Murdering a keystone species
The nation ought to drown

Visible riparian habitats
Are vital to us all
The Beaver is a restorer
They should be on call
Ecosystem engineers
Able to create
Better soil deposition
Something all should rate

More nutrients in beaver ponds
And water quality
Is cleaner always for their work
More fish and more birds we see
Five times more true plankton
A richer state therefore
A flourishing vegetation
And also what is more
Foraging increases willows
The bank life increases too
Insects birds and mammals
Are all entitled to

Vote for Mr Beaver
His right to be around
Gives credence to the habItats
Wherever they are found
Advantages are commonplace
And to trap them as some do
Proves low life is the lowest life
Ever coming through

Fashion houses using beaver
And encouraging beaver TRAPPERS they
Are evil as the day is long
And should be made to pay
A high price for these murders
For so many souls desire
The beaver to be living
And sharing all their fire

Beaver trappers lack sense
And lack knowledge too
They are the lowest of the low
Their state of mind feeds through
They are creating chaos
From Mother Natures hand
And all because of fur hags
Who will never understand

Stubborn as the days are long
Hardened sinners they
Buy without compunction
And without remorse they say
Consciousless and unashamed
At the terror that ensues
From specifying beaver
Which is always awful news

Egotism grabs them
They look after number one
And all those wonderful animals
Underneath the sun
Who are there because of Beavers
And what they do each day
The selfishness of fur hugs
And those trappers who they pay

A pittance for in real terms
So much iniquity
Flagrantly reaping terror
With such immorality
Unworthiness and dishonesty
Wrongdoing covetousness
All of them complicit
To the Beavers constant stress

Cheap raspberry and strawberry flavouring and vanilla too
Abusing the anal glands of precious BEAVERS
How sick the food industry really us
The victims along the bank and the river
Can number thousands

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