The Alaska Story a true story

A forest of Spruce and Hemlock
Lay behind me
Break up on its way through
The snow gray
Hard packed with the sun
About emerging
And there in front of me
A wolf did lay

In one of George’s traps
Set some days earlier
He died alas from a heart attack
And he
Clearly would not be coming backAgain in this life anyways
And so the wolf I thought
I need to free

A mother her teats swollen
With rich infant milk
I guessed her cubs
Were not that far away
She had been after
A kill to feed the family
And got caught up
A couple of toes I’d say

Clearly in a state of some
Rambunctiousness, she snarled
Her canines white as driven snow
Enduring all the pain
And clearly thinking
About the cubs probably lying low

I’d been prospecting gold
In those hills yonder
And to come upon a lady in distress
Wolf fur is a valuable commodity
A sun swept sky as blue as blue
No less

Clearly she was frustrated
And her anger
You just knew if she could
Get her teeth in me
I wouldnt stand an earthly
She could take my head clean off
She had a ghoulish growl

Her rawness was deep seated
Ingrained in her soul
Indicative of wildness
And being in control
There was no way I dare free her
Her state of mind was strong
Each time she pulled it pained her so
And I knew it would be wrong

The cubs had to be close by
Trapped there yea two days
So the cubs would still be
Out there somewhere
Hoping they could see
Their mother
I should try and find them
Snow still soft around
I guessed i would follow
Her trail a bit first
To see what could be found

She was big and strong and ready
Her connectedness was fine
Clearly she was so concerned
Her maternal clannish line
Constant and unchanging
I decided that I should try
And go and find some food for her
Something quite close by

I found a deer she may have slaughtered
Holed up in a rock
Freshly frosen took my knife
And carved away the hock
Her hostility was evident
When i brought the leg and gave
Her to build her strength up
And her sharp teeth she did lock

Hard down on tHe gristle
Tearing through the meat
Grinding down on the frozen bone
Clearly she did greet
The want of food inside of her
I guess this was something new
With no standard of comparison
What else could she do

Meanwhile I could realise
If she got my arm
She would rip it clean off
In that way to be calm
And collected in her frenzied state
Took a lot out of me
But she certainly devoured the food
With a fervour to get free

The night was drawing down on us
It is this way out there
I decided to get some hemlock branches
And make myself a lair
A bed and sleep close by her
So she could get to see
That I was close enough to her
And she was close to me

There in an extreme vastness
A superabundance there
An eminence and grandness
That is hard to compare
Wide-ranging snd far reaching
An overwhelming deal
Transcending ideology
She unashamedly did reveal

A sovereignty a majesty
A magickal desire
Though she was trapped
And I was free
She ensconced and higher
In her own integrity
Untouched and unaffected
By her incapacity

I decided i would
Go and find her family
Make tracks there
The pink and purple skies beyond
By now perhaps despair
Was setting in that mother
Might not be coming back
The well regulated order
Could be under attack

I talked to her and told her
I was off to find them, she
Should realise I knew a thing or two
And they would be
Somewhere’s close I reckoned
And she should show me where
Give me an inclination
Which I could somewhow share

I set out up the ridge aways
Into the forest where
I followed her trail
It was very cold and I was so aware
The need was now to find them
And return with them so she
Could realise and be satisfied
That they were all safe with me

A half a mile or so along
Up a rock strewn slope
Sheltered by a huge great Spruce
A den wbich I could cope
Cubs are shy and cautious
Wildness teaches they
Must remain in silence
For thats the wild wolves way

Pretending to be their mother
My howl was very high
Quietly reassurring
With a tendency to cry
It worked four furry babies
Suddenly were there
Desperate and hungry
And, very aware

I scooped them up
And put them in my burlap bag
And I
Scrambled back to their mother
Who stood erect
To share
Their scent no doubt
She made a plaintive whine
And clearly knew
Her cubs were safe and sound
And I was back with her
A view

She seemingly just took on board
I let them go and they were
Supping at her nipples
In the cold light of the day
You could feel the ardour
The slurping of their lips
And I could feel a sea change
In her countenance that tips
The balance in my feelings
Another night I’d be
Spending close to wild wolves
And their continuity

Deciding in the morning
To free her just to be
Able just to take the plunge
Her personality
Apparently was calmer
A conformity of thought
My confidence had been growing
Nothing would have taught

Me how to go about this
To be obligated to
A mother and her offspring
Youthfulness anew
Propitious and providential
Momentous and opportune
I let her go and she licked me
Pivotal and in tune

In my heart of hearts
I imagined she would take her cubs and go
But her foot was clearly very sore
And she came to me to show
A primordial attraction
An authorship of care
An underlying thoughtfulness
And of this I was aware

I followed them I had to
They wanted me to and I
Needed to, for several hours
And she would turn around to see
That I was keeping up with them
Their guardianship and all
Their lineage their ancestry
I remember it felt so cool

We came upon a clearing
A meadow good and green
Wild flowers dotted everywhere
Somewhere I knew she had been
And there just in the distance shapes
Coming our way
A pack of some nine wild souls
Her family group at play

She must have told the story
For they welcomed me and I
Realised their proximity
Underneath the sky
Encountering their warm breaths
Eyeball to eyeball they
At no great distance bade farewell
And were gone just gone away

4 years after our farewell
I returned there once again
I saw the trap i had left up in the trees
And I felt their pain
I went up to the meadow
And I gave my howling cry
And after a while
She came to me
We had breached that void
And why

The borderlands the frontier
The esoteric void
The extra sensory transference
Its more than celluloid
Its the consciousness the insight
The fluidity of soul
Deliberative and reflective
The most moving of role

We both looked at each other
Friends yes I can say
Equals on this mortal coil
Respect was had that day
A perfect confirmation
Our mission statement one
Confirming we would be life long friends
Undeneath the sun.

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