“Lyka” hold up in the Philippines in MAASIN ZOO

One of the worst zoo’s around anywhere
This one in the Philippines
Ethically unaware
MAASIN it’s called sub standard alas
Where a Lion they called “LYKA“
Is part of the morass
She is blind which is just as well
Really for she
Won’t be able to see
What’s around her , she be
Written off sadly
As a breeding mistake
With congenital eye disease
And so for her sake

They lack the philosophy
Of lifetime care
They couldn’t care less
Such a thinking does scare
Any animal lovers that hear
About how
This lion is treated
Right up till now

Zoo’s at the best of times
Should be closed down
No association and no one in town
To take care and improve
It’s really a sin
And the victims are animals
Living within

Sign the petition
Help her to be
Taken away from this shit hole
For she
Is old and is weary
Blind maybe so
But is worthy of life
As I am sure you all know

Tell all your friends
Get this place shut down
It’s in LIOILO in the South
I hear of the town
This poor weeping lion
We need her to be
Rescued and taken
To a true sanctuary

She is on the island of PANAY
In Western Visayas

LIOLIO south Philippines

Go and find her
Go and see her

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