To be unimpressed
With the gift of Nature
The integrity of the Kangaroo
Nobility in a principled order
Ingenuousness both good and true

A constancy and an ancient breeding
Unsullied and honourable
Born to be
Bounding the outback
Frank and open
Truly Australian wild and free

Up against wickedness
And immorality
Lawbreaking devilry
Facing transgression
From unscrupulous shooters
The Meat Trade
Whose callousness
Is seemingly

Given legality
By politicians
Stubborn and obdurate
Conscienceless too
Condemned and found guilty
Of Indigenous outcomes
No poetic justice
Whatever they do

Their timelessness wisdom
Their truth and their sanctity
Now overlooked by the cities of Shame
Evermore concrete and tarmac and housing
And loss of the bush
And the Roo’s seen as fair game

Designed for the land
Created divinely
Elysian Fields
Their paradise won
Now torn a’sunder
By barbed wire and shooters
And flashlights and ignorance
Under the sun

Murdering females slaughtering joey’s
Condemning so many night after night
Legitimization of ignorant farmers
Whose cattle and arrogance
Also are not right

Destruction of the earth
With the hooves of the ungulates
Alien creatures also who will
Be cut down in abattoirs
In Our tropical heartlands
Rivers of blood ofcourse we do spill

Temperateness and true moderation
Abstemiousness is the trait of the Roo
They are not gorging locusts
They care and are thoughtful
True thoughtful natives
One of the few

Our lack of respect
Our wildest dishonour
Our scorn and our mockery
Is really insulting
And so disapproving
Of Nature itself
Lacking true courtesy

What ought to be done
Our Bouden duty
To prove our morality
And to let be
Be duty bound
To the wild ones around
Engage in their upkeep
Those who run free

We have obligations
Of impartiality
Their unswerving character
We must proclaim
They need our protection
Where house builders flourish
It’s not Kangaroo’s
Should be taking the blame

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