Greed pure and simple

Scrimping pinching scraping
Pennywise and miserly
Covetous and rapacious
Retentive grudging niggardly
These are just some of the words
That modern man says he
Can utilize in his gambling hours
And create such emnity

Arrogance and haughtiness
Blatancy and brash
Rebellious and defiant
For me nothing but trash
They take a little chick they do
And in eight short weeks we see
The poor soul an explosion
Of what it ought to be

This creature isnt god formed
Its genetically on fire
Its domineering tyranny
Money was the desire
Profit for the sake of it
Nature is no more
Maturity and insolence
The new stages of war

The chicken has increased in size
It does not walk too far
Our egoistic policies
We think makes us a star
But really we degenerate
In an ungodly way
Our baseness and unworthiness
Is born with us each day

We are farmers of wrongdoing
Transgressed with wicked ways
Unworthy graceless miscreants
And what we do it pays
In 8 short weeks of living
A chick becomes the size
Of really quite the monster
And all before our eyes

They still have the same innocence
With little to confess
56 days on this here earth
And all of it such stress
Massive breasts and drum sticks
And no back bone at all
Just like freaks of nature
Who never went to school

We create our chickensteins
Monsters of the wing
Swollen bodies full of weakness
To the market place we bring
Chickens weighing more than
Chickens long ago
And all done in the name of science’s
UnrelentIng flow

1957 905 grs
1978 1808 grs
2005 4292 grs

Selective breeding
All down to Science

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