From a childs perspective

From a childs perspective
The romance of the sea
She looked into his eyes today
Imagining that she be
Close to one adventurer
From perhaps a motley crew
Of swashbucklers and she told her mum
That her dreams had all come true
That she was sitting next to
And upright pirate man and he
clearly was the reason
That she just happened to be
Comfortable and appreciative
Of his sun tanned ocean look
His countenance was nautical
Out of her pirate book
He could climb the rigging obviously
I have always thought it true
Simon in his verdant cloak
For I want to sit with too
Responsive and unselfish
Such generosity
With all the best intentions
From his time spent out at sea
Tolerance and mindfulness
And bendiction too
A golden hearted pirate man
A samaritan all through..

2 comments on “From a childs perspective

  1. Simon Cotterill on said:

    Thank you Rex I am very flattered

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      You are so welcome Simon
      All the truths are told by the eyes of the wee folk
      And their innocence can overwhelm us

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