Easter the new born and Lambs

Rebirth and life and the whole essence
Of a world of purity
Lambs in clover soft and cuddly
Under lock and chain we see
Easter resting with a sunlight
Over green fields
Sparkling Dawn
Leaping lambs full of excitement
Tragically though will be torn
Into the trucks with bars and
Jailbirds of another time
Rapture and exaltation
On their faces
As they climb
Over one another
In the trucks off to the abattoir
Euphoric and exhilarated
Following their chosen star
Up the ramp into the chamber
Where the halal butchers stand
Wiping blood from off of steel blades
All around the floor is sand
To mop the baby blood that runs
From their poor throats to the floor
Easter is a time of re-birth
Really who could want for more

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