An organic farm in Somerset story from 08/2018

The odour of sanctity
Goodness and honour
Cardinal virtues
What is expected of
Dairy farms these days
Organically certified
No magic wand

Needed RSPCA assured
Waitrose is buying
We all can afford
The organic luxury
For after all
Justice is done there
It’s all on the ball

“Animal Equality”
Sadly doth tell
A different story
This one from Hell
If you happen to be
A calf or a cow
Providing the milk
And the calves
This is how

A profitable business
Runs naturally
Calves drink the milk
Ungulates free
Oh no sorry “primrose”
We sell it on
To the wonderful public
Who can’t see the con

Bodily fluids
From ungulates are
Designed for their offspring
They are their star
But humans are into the
Balance sheet mob
And dairy is wary
The milk it must rob

Calves that’s the males
Are dispatched right away
Kidnapped from mummy
That’s when they pay
A high price for giving birth
That’s when they go
To the great abattoir in the sky
Didn’t you know

Some go to veal
Some go to hell
Some for calves leather
Their innocence fell
On the deaf ears of farmers
Who hear the sad cries
The guileless screams
That the heart just defies

Organic standards
Principals too
Require uprightness
In all that we do
The moral fibre
Needs to be strong
A sense of honour
It’s where they belong

But to watch such transgressions
When nobody sees
Stamping on babies
Their unconsciousness, please!
Shabby abjectness
Torture and crime
Hearing those babies
Time after time

In front of their mothers
Those Heartless brutes, they
Clearly are ignorant
For they display
Diabolical misunderstandings
Of life
Subjecting these mothers
To terrible strife

All in the name of kindness and care
Of reliability
That you find there
Unsullied untarnished
Duteous souls
Open and above board
With true green controls

My disapproval be sure they have got
They need reprimanding
NOw on the spot
Sacked everyone of them
Thrown into jail
And the organic standards
They have to fail

The lack of respect
For the Animals who
Total irreverence
What can they do
Suffer in silence
Behind closed doors where
Adversity happens
Along with despair

Utter contempt
For standards as well
The snobbishness factor
Yes I hear tell
Humiliation of innocent souls
Condemned and despised
By the lack of controls

The cruelty here
In all dairy farms
Our lack of pity
Yes it all harms
Every hard working
All slaving cow
Who works like the clappers
And some even now

Are never aware
Of when she is spent
Cannot make the milk output
Then where she is sent
off to the slaughterhouse
Throats slit and bled
Out with the rest
Screaming out
Till they’re dead

The dairy industry
Needs closing down
The human abusers
Best take off their crown
With their cheese and their cream
And their yogurts and more
For all of the cows in the dairy
It’s war

It’s rape and it’s kidnap
And cruelty too
Then it’s more rape more kidnap
That’s what they do
And if milk levels drop
It’s off to the place
The single to hell
Yes the greatest disgrace

Sad that the Soil Association is apparently unaware
And that Waitrose who normal exacting standards
Appears misplaced and the whole Dairy Industry manages
To carry on fighting Nature and the whole sorry
Ungulate misery

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