Cherry (immortality and Divination)

Marescence is a peculiar trait
For the cherry
Its holds its leaves
It will not let them go
Not until the new flush
Of the next Spring comes to bear
Purposeful and affirming
It does share

Its burnished pewter bark
Is intensely magickal
A font of such renewal and regard
A harbinger of Spring
And a bright future
A fine grained wood
Thats very very hard

King Henry V111 he introduced
The fruit to England
At Teynham thats near Sittingbourne in Kent
He tasted them in Flanders
And was taken by their sweetness
Actually believing they were heaven sent

Loved by the Japanese
Who believe the blossoms
Provide a plethora of beauty
For the eye
Their toothed edged oval leaves
Their enchanting youthful scent
Is really why

Reverence is so associated
Delicate and fine fleeting
And intense
Holding melatonin
Helpful for those who dream
A proven anti inflammatory
Such sense thus it would seem

The wood is truly beautiful
To look at
Furniture and joinery can be
Tight grained and so satiny and
Good for heirloom quality
Takes good stain
And its colour dutifully
Reddish brown with perhaps
A golden lustre
It oxidises well with such a hue
That rich bold red that casts
Its miracles abroad
Ephemeral and ethereal and true

Its found in Chilterns
beech Woods
And on lime rich soil
Where tHe pedunculate oaks
Arise and surely
Leap into the sky
Their toil

Seven years to maturity
Consorts to an embrace
Producing fruit in 3 or 4 years
Soft drupes sweet and round
With utter grace
Intensely easy to desire
Love and fertility
I have one in my garden
With its crown of constancy

Turkey has the whereforall
To so atract the trees
Producing an abundance
Of fruit and the birds and bees
Are so delighted with the visual treat
The Middle East and in Italy
And France the natives eat

A high percentage of water
And minerals as well
An anti cancer substance
Gout sufferers will tell
The juice is pretty special
A most uplifting tree
Creating rings upon its bark
Of immortality

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