Catnip loves sunlight
From Venus it be
ruled by the water
And feminity
Nepeta Cataria
Of the Lamiaceau
and deadnettle
Where ere we go

Elliptical leaf forms
Bilabiate lip flowers
Was drunk long ago
In England
Its powers
That was back then
Before tea caught on from the East
Which was when

It went out of favour
What many dont know
When its oils are extracted
Which grow
in subtle
Profusion and felines
Can be
Left in
A state
Feeling euphorically

Thats those with the gene
Wild cats and tame
A kind of relaxant
So some people claim
An extraction iridodial
Attracts lacewings, they
Are drawn by the pheromones
Coming their way

Also aphids like it
Which lacewings devour
So a great way of stocking
One’s larder each hour
A good repellant
For Cockroaches they
Prefer not to walk
On its chemical spray

Mosquito’s too
Would be persuaded
To stay well away
If its sprayed close to you
It has a bitter taste
It thrives in good light
And needs good drainage
And it does invite

Butterflies too
Its a mint its stem square
Takes the evil eye
Off of children
Cats have a psychic bond
The goddess Bast
Is also attracted
And when mints
are amassed

It surely is
a nosegay
Of soughts
Olfactory splendour
And spell
enhancing thoughts.

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