Don’t argue with “Rumble”
He tumbles and bumbles
Around otherwise
It just makes him grumble
And apparently stumble
His wings being too small
For his body size

When he lands on a bramble
The thorns make him gamble
Not amble but unscramble
Himself from them, he
Stuck there can be there
Dropping his pollen
Getting all het up
And wanting to be

Back with the hive
It’s a dive
But he loves it
There he can rest
No reason to be
Dodging the tetra
The emf pathways
The 5 g the WiFi
It’s where he is key

He works like the clappers
At Making the honey
Some making wax
For the foundation sheet
And with the so called humans
Blowing smoke up their arse ole’s
Breaking into our store
With utter deceit

Jars of local honey
They sell it everywhere
Giving us white sugar
Refined and bad
It weakens immunity
That’s why we are suffering
And why so many are very sad

Colony collapse
We just flake out
Why go through all this
What’s it all about
Work us like donkeys
Collecting all day
With all of the hazards
And all of the spray

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