Baby formula and nappies

The selfishness
Self seeking young Russian traveller
In Indonesia found out that he
Was breaking the law drugging an Orangutan
And Now in his luggage
The animal be

Drugged up to the eyeballs
on allergy meds
Packets of nappies
for when they get home
To his pad in Russia
the city of somewhere
Far from the jungle
amongst all the reds

The red apes the communists
Home to the crimsons
Arboreal apes
on allergy pills
What was he thinking
His case would be stinking
The thought of a dead primate
Gives me the chills.

2 gecho’s 5 Lizards
The pet trade
What wizards
can offer
This Russian
a new brain perhaps
If packing no clothes
just a fully live primate
And reptiles to Russia
In his suit case he wraps

All of this contraband
Awaiting seizure
And walks through
the green light
Nothing to declare
When he opens his suitcase
What do they see
A sleeping orangutan
Just lying there

Dreaming of home
Not some concrete dormitory
On a tall tree
In the jungles of green
But stuck in
A nest in the highest of canopy
Waving in the wind
Where he now ought to be

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