Agricultural Shows

We exist in actuality
Enduring and well grounded
Flesh and blood
We be
That human beings
Use captivity
Fear and farming methods
As a philosophy

Together we all represent
The Meat Trade YES on show
You bring your children
To pet us, and, aome of you know
We have been shipped to where ever
By truck some a long way
Thrown in and neither fed nor watered
Probably all day

Put in open pens of straw
Tied up to the bars
Under a hot sun perhaps
And we are seeing atars
Fear has really got to us
The noises all about
And all the many people
Leaving us in doubt

Breathing isnt easy
We are fearful you can see
Cows are overheating
Donkeys too they be
Tied up very painfully
And sheep are tied up too
And children come and punch and pull
And torment yes they do

We are living beings
Our constitution sure
We have hearts and minds like you
And truly we abhor
Any form of captivity
And non fulfilment we
Ofcourse embrace the positive
But your negativity

We want to be excluded
Repressed as we all are
Left in a chaotic state
Confused for you do scar
Our being in so many ways
Youthful is our lot
Having to undergo such torture
And a continued plot

Its all about productivity
And how we all must grow
We have no fields to walk in
Just concrete sheds we know
The chemicals you dose us with
And the drugs too have to be
Eaten and the water too
treated chemically

We all face the vehemence
The roughhouse treatment we
Are guinea pigs in many ways
A lot of brutality
We are chiefly females
Having to undergo
Rape kidnap and slaughter
And hormones to make us grow

There is no moderation
Its stress all of our days
Thats our vulnerability
Relocation bays
And great huge trucks
Live export maybe so
Or transfer to some abattoir
Where death comes as you know

Religion plays a big part
Halal and kosher where
They just slash our throat away
And we bleed out, the despair
No stunning just one moment
Alive and feeling well
And a huge knife comes across ones neck
And ofcourse you enter HELL

THis is what our world has come to
This is what you do
Take us to these market places
So we are on view
Touched and kicked and petted
And stared at every day
Then shipped off to some death house
To be murdered right a way

At arrival the revulsion
Its repellant to be
Forced down chutes to meet ones death
With electrodes painfully
Sticking into our backs
We are made to run and be
In the mood for murder
Murder painfully

We can hear the screaming
We can smell the fear
We all would wish to now escape
To just getbout from here
But we are all your prisoners
Ready for the chop
Ready to be tortured
When the truck does stop

Animal life the human way
Is awful in the extreme
All of our bio energy
Our allotted span a dream
We have an inborn viableness
Which is taken away by you
Because you want to fill your guts
With us we know thats true

Chomp down on our muscles
Our eyes balls and our backside
It is made into sausages
With eggs all you denied
That you eat all our smelly bits
But actually you do
The butchers and the markets
They feed us all to you

It is the greater holocaust
And it happens every day
slicing through our throats
Cutting our trachea away
Removing our legs before we are dead
That is what you do
Leave us hanging bleeding out
What an abyssmal crew

The agricultural show
Bring the kids they say
Come see the sacrificial lambs
Yes do come today
Prod and kick and pull their skin
Make them realise
They are purely fodder
In their parents eyes

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