A poem for a twitter friend from Avalon

The woods
have many varied splendours
Hiding in the shadows where
Foxes and badgers voles and shrews
And even the illusive Hare
Whose magick is all supposing
Bestower of such light
Whose ebulliance and affection
Can be observed at night

Caught up in the sorcery
And exhileration there
The emotion and the passion
Of all who are aware
The arresting and the dramatic
Natural world where we
The forest so imposing
And of every single tree

Of Avalon
Whose apples
All their sweetness and bouquet
Could be felt the joyfulness and
The tenderest array.
And there where some have knelt down
By the fire light where they all
Held hands and were gladsome
Looking up hearing the call
Of the Isle of Avalon
The melodious the true
The pastoral the idyllic
And knew what they must do
To be thankful of each moment
In company with you

Whose peace of mind was total
Whose thoughts I do suppose
Bring forward an alacrity
That all our world now knows
The sacredness of forest life
And every single tree
Whose medicines ever lasting
Do create eternity

2 comments on “A poem for a twitter friend from Avalon

  1. Annie Louvaine Clark on said:

    Thank you for such a beautiful poem. Definitely a gifted Bard.

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