Live exports of sheep

Sheep live exports
In Holds of ships
No feed
No water, we
Are thrown about
Thanks to the sea
Bashed oh! How we bleed
No sunshine on our backs no more
Just holed up in this place
Nobody comes to check us out
Of course it’s a disgrace.

All huddled together
We certainly get the fear
Hearing each other’s
Hearts on fire
Watching each ensuing tear
We all have them for certain
Suffering as we do
Hearing the expletives
From the murdering crew

The turbulence and the restlessness
It’s worrying and we
Together huddled and befuddled
Kind of soon agree
No one cares about us
It’s an impulsive madcap world
And we are off the the Middle East
Yes we are being hurled

Into halal land that’s the deal
The contract that was made
Throats cut no one is being stunned
On our souls it’s laid
Australia has sold us out
The impressionable ofcourse
the media will witness
What we go through
From the source

And many do not make it
Just thrown overboard
Fodder for the great whites
Will anyone applaud
The shippers and the farmers
And the dockers yea the lot
Who sign off on their contracts
Yes right on the dot

So that’s what happens to us
Australia said farewell
Shipped us off to the sunshine
And the desert yes to a Hell
To be loaded in the backs of car’s
Or murdered in the street
That’s the way we all end up
Scoffed by the elite

Live exports cruel and insufferable
And the government says it’s fine
Trucked down to Freemantle
Our lives all on the line
Shipped like bags of cargo
We are alive you know
Unlike the politicians
Who say yes and let us go

Live exports are an Anathema
Purgatory on sea
Wretchedness and unpleasantness
And utter misery
Indisposed and writhing
Anxious all the way
Wounded and heavy laden
And covered in salty spray

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