Deliberately injuring
Beautiful primates
The glorious red apes
The orangutan
Amongst common people
You meet in the street
Delusional fools
Who can pick up an air gun
And fire at a primate
Sitting with her baby
Such action appals

But this is what Happened
On Sumatra Island
A beautiful mother
Was attacked in this way
Holding her baby
She was shot
74 times
Blinded in both eyes
On that fateful day

A broken collarbone
Can you imagine
In so much agony
Her baby killed
They have called her “hope”
And she is recovering
Just imagine the screwball
That really has spilled

Her blood and just walked off
Such grossness such rottenness
Now disadvantaged
Her life system bleak
I’ll fated unlucky
Accursed and stricken
Maligned by it all
And permanently weak

Consigned to captivity
For all her days
She will never be wild
Or know the ways
Of arboreal splendour
Of sunshine and light
Instead she will remember
How she lost her sight

To the vile darkly monsters
Whose air guns she saw
They came out of the shadows
Shooting their gore
Now she sits downtrodden
A slave in a way
Subdued by the inevitable
End of each day

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