Woodland friends

Little souls
of the woodland ways
Entities that always raise
A stir within the forests dark
Small ofcourse
but who leave their mark
Confrontations ofcourse
they be
And originality
Deers may clip the seedlings trying
Rabbits squirrels voles and mice
We look for balance and it is there
Reciprocity in a trice

The edible dormouse
Comes and goes
Who has the tiniest
little toes
Scurries here and scurries there
Infact they scurry everywhere

The shrew the vole the mouse
All be
Whispering quietly
Wild and free
Nocturnal knights who sweep the ground
hardly making any sound

Sometimes the vole its redness shows
It really has a blunter nose
Than any mouse that one might see
A Vole therefore
All on the lookout for tasty fayre
Insect larvae
That they can share
It also climbs it likes acorns too
And berries and nuts
And seeds its view
Stay away from the humans who
Cause them danger which is true

A handicap being so small
But able to not be seen at all
Among dead leaves and strips of bark
It finds good cover where it can park
The hedgehog ambles from side to side
They love slugs that easily slide
Down their dry throats so they be
Doing what comes naturally

Squirrels darting here they be
Twitching almost constantly
Stop and start and leap and throw
Themselves around
As well we know
They ripple along the ground
And are
Good at nibbling from afar
Buds and bark and fungi too
adaptable in what they do

Not many reds about these days
The American grey I suppose he pays
More attention to reds than most
And if they are around
Tend to be toast

Woodlands are being torn apart
Hunting and fracking
And housing start
To make inroads into spaces where
The wild souls live
Are we aware?

Many are
But developers they
And planners
See a lucrative way
Of utilising the odd green space
Turning it over to the human race

The race is on
As more are gone
The little souls
So Wild they be
Unseen innocence
Not in the news
But Living their lives
And who just refuse

To lay down and die
As the march is on
As fields are flattened
And more trees are gone
5 g and wifi and micro waves
The tetra too
So many graves

The fallen unseen
They remain
Lying in the
Coming rain

wildness sadly
Dwindling fast
A downward trend
More shadows cast
Sludge and slag and dross
Really bad
For the feng shui

And a housing estate
Goes up and we
Never heard
The wild ones plea

No one hears them
not any more

Lets hope they ran away
For sure

Where to
Who knows
Who really cares
Of woodland creatures
And their affairs.

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