The wayward donkey

Realness actuality
A perpetual indestructable
Road to nowhere
Hard underfoot
Where flesh and blood
Is often put

Endurance in the light of day
Emotionally where ere I stray
A fictitious land of destiny
Where together we can never be
instead the hills that I must climb
And muscle weary pass the time
Feel my marrow taut and seering
In the heat where those now sneearing
Toss a brick and hope that I
May falter underneath the sky

Oh beast of burden bearing heavy
Bricks and mortar on a back
Tired and sore from the exertion
Always on some dusty track
Little water for my dry throat
Wracked and sore under the sun
Very little compensation
For the concentration done

Having the integrity
To be about my work each day
Being beaten by the dozen lashes
Always made to pay
Staying power an driving force
Blood and sweat
and drive and vigour
Dynamism from tHe source

Disabled and incapacitated
Totter teeter stagger sway
These are qualities I offer
To the damsel every day
Vulnerable perhaps decrepit
Struggling on despite the height
Fertile is the spawning mind
Luxuriant with lots of light

All the while such cogitation
Thoughtfulness and couplets coming
Where for art their pondering prose
Perceptions of my inner numbing
And awareness where it goes
In the Barn at night i ponder
Verse a plenty on my ear
At work all day and very hard too
But still a sage I think I hear

A soundness and a sense of being
All seeing on this rocky climb
Inventiveness and a preoccupation
In tranquility and rhyme
All the bricks that were ever carried
Or thrown at me
On ridges high
That hit home and wounds were apparent
Have been challenges and thats no lie

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