The enchanted ones

Wonderland clearly can be anywhere
A mysterious place
Where the wild ones may share
Imaginary and bewildering
Creatures abiding
Exquisite and worthy
And always confiding
In copses and glens
In tunnels in setts
Where the earth weird and wonderful
Surely begets

A timelessness beckons
A sanctity holds
Where the orbs and where
Mystical moments
Where mythical beings
Do often hold sway
In a spectral enchantment,
Where feyness display

So much intuition
Perfection galore
Where goodness and mercy
Like never before
Creates so much gentleness and laxity
In cloisters in hideways
The solitary

Collaboration between
Wizard and those
Magical beasties
With ebony toes
Those fairweather friends
With great droopy ears
With sniffly noses
And little pearl tears

Open mouthed popping eyes
Awe-inspiring defies belief
At their intrepid way
Their stoutness of heart
At the end of the day
Castles in the air
Their nosegays on high
The wildest of friends
And the bold butterfly

The pleasure of seeing
The witchery stare
As the lass knows the heartbeat
Of badgers whose fair
And looming encounter
With nightly desire
Who come to the road
In their fancy attire

Black for the nightsky
White for the snow
The joyful embrace
Two colours we know
Conscious and mindful
Vibrant and intense
Pulsating and earnest
All making such sense

The witch of the forest
Is visiting, she
Is sharing her magic
And hoping to be
In tune with the wild ones
Loyal to their thought
Knowing what matters
And the favours they sought

A drama played out
In the test of a rhyme
An exchange so to say
Just like passing the time
Two beautiful badgers
Brocks of soul
They came to parley
From out of their hole

Painting their pictures
Affirming their right
To remain assertive
And walk in the night
Beholden to no one
Only to say
To the witch dressed in black
Who had come here today

We live with sll secrets
In true mystery
Down by the river
Thats where we be
Close to the nymphs of Fraxinus we
Receive the potency
Of the Ash Tree

It came into its own
This month ofcourse
When the sun entered pisces
Its ladders of force
Attracting the mosses
The carpets of green
And the keys that do open
The locks where we’ve been

In the castle beneath us
Our true reverie
To the witch bade farewell
And stealthily
Criss crossed the path
Going towards the Tor
On the hill in the fading light
Just wanting more

2 comments on “The enchanted ones

  1. Bob Clark on said:

    You’re “rockin’ it” Rex. My favorite Wordsmith.

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      “Bruin and brock both unlock
      Their magick sett in a time since past

      Wild and sure offering more
      Than their shadowy world might cast”

      Thankyou Bob

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