Starting gates and more cruelty

Has anybody stopped to think
How human beings try
To subjugate the animals
And then try to apply
Reasons not to ever
Query what they do
Whether its racing hunting
Dressage it still for me is true

Take horse racing
And starting gates
Clay Pruett was the man
Who came up with this contraption
Which is how it all began
Trying to achieve a level playing field
But they
Fail to think of the animals
Which is mean I have to say

Forcing animals into
A cage like structure they
Have four legs and are expected
To run on any day
With a jockey on their back
Handy with the whip
Handy with their heels as well
Wanting to let rip

Cruelty its everywhere
As frustration kicks in, we
See jockeys getting flustered
A strange mentality
Develops when you are earning
The tendency to be
Involved with making money
Despite the cruelty

The horse ofcourse restricted
Doesnt want to be
Where its forced and then must run
Wheres the psychology
People they illectualize
And pander to the cause
But really do have empty heads
Bursting for applause

They want to win big money
No one really feels
For the horse not really
Nobody reveals
Aching like the clappers
But having to run like hell
Caught up in the starting gate
And not performing well

The equine flu has made the news
No racing for a while
Losing money losing betting
It gies off the dial
Remjnding sll the trainers
To vaccinate or they
Cannot bring their horses
Into races now they say
big pharma has the where for all
To push its drugs and they
Despite the vaccination
Have caught the flu they say
Put two and two together
The vaccination does
Spread the flu for goodness sake
Cant you hear that buzz

The peddlers of poisons
The masters of deceit
The cruelty to animals
Nowadays whose discreet
About the subjugation
The evil thats abounds
Gambling and hunting
And cheffing making pounds

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