Shipment of Pigs in Winter

Pig peoducers generally
Are as insensitive as hell
Their brains are in stagnation
As long as they can sell
Unconcerned and callous
They send us off to die
In trucks and there we freeze
Poor souls
And few around ask why

The authorities are useless
Stolid emotionless fools
Poker faced and unseeing
They know all the rules
But feeling so dispassionate
Icebergs for a heart
They see the pigs in agony
But cannot even start

To be concerned to delay shipments
To offer respite, they
Have to stand together
Cuddle up and pray
They get no care or love
From anyone
Unless they meet
Up with animals actvists
They may see in the street

Otherwise its miles and miles
Of windchill agony
Where frost bites
Gets into your ears
When you would rather be
Somewhere a lot warmer
But nobody wants to know
The driver keep his foot down
And the wind just wants to blow

Its the unconcern of the meat trade
Profit all the way
They deal in death and misery
For them it does pay
Our suffering and heartache
Means nothing not a thing
Standing here together
Purgatory we bring

It really is unpleasant
To die just standing here
Knowing no one cares for you
No one shares the fear
Its intolerable and frightening
It fills us with regret
knowing our lives will be over soon
When our maker we have met

As for our friendly handlers
Who decided we must die
Who sprayed us with the killing colours
And now ofcourse we lie
Together freezing rapidly
Blubbering a bit
Many feeling tearful
And very far from fit

Resigned to the coming torture
Despondent to the end
We know we are a hopeless case
We never found that friend
Who would look into our eyes and say
You are saved yes you
No nobody came forward
Its hopeless and so true

Soon we will be hanging
Or maybe even there
in your local market
Could be anywhere
Just a chumk of dead flesh
Full of pain and woe
Ready to be eaten
And now ofcourse you know.

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