Poultry and the message of life (hereafter)

The chicken gets a bad deal
Almost everywhere
All sorts of ways
Of keeping its flesh cheap
So much despair
I have being a vegan
For the people that I know
Who fail to see
What they eat
And how it affects them

I care little for these people
Its the chickens, how do they?
Sort their sordid lives out every single day
And then go on their way
Industrial farming
Fed killed processed they
Packaged and transported
To the market everyday
Selling at about 3.15
Less than a pint of beer
One of gods true muracles
Its every day of fear

An A4 sheet of paper
Its allocated space
39 kilos per square metre
17 birds must face
The prison cells
Their whole damn lives
So we can have cheap food
And still processors profit
Life out there is CRUDE

Kept in dim light day and night
To prevent them resting they
Must bob about and stand up
On their poor legs
Come what may
It speeds up growth
And raises
The profit margin
Supermarket giants
Who all now are at war.

On price then comes
The bombshell anti biotics
Take over for “duty of care”
Most dont have a clue
The consumers all they want in life
Is cheaper and cheaper grub
A chicken costing
Less than the lager in their pub

The chicken lives in man made hell
Absolute and grim
As a vegan I am angry
They are wholly brim
Full with antibiotics
A quarter of them do
Register as antibiotic resistent
Yes and all that too

The overall projection
For chicken eaters is
By 2050 10 million may die
Its not the biz
Antibiotic resistent
Due to the over use
Of antibiotics to prevent disease
Which is so wholesale abuse

It all goes on behind closed doors
The smell would put you out
All those poor souls in one place
Really theres no doubt
We are creating hell for them
And by eating them we too
Are filling our precious bodies
With a truly demonic brew

Chickens in A bucket in a basket
About 2.2 million chickens eaten everyday
A billion of them every year
All were made to pay
A heavy alab for profit
No prophets to be found
Balance sheets must balance
Which is why chickens abound

We are spiteful we are malevolent
Inconsiderateness thats those
Who mosey down to their supestore
And underneath their nose
Find a plum cute chicken
Wrapped in a plastic pack
That spent its live in purgatory
Now sitting on that rack

Murder thats my word for it
The good old abattoir
Halal and kosher hits the street
Fast becoming, the star
The chickens have to be alive
And kicked when they are killed
And some we hear get boiled alive
Before their blood is spilled

Then conventional the killing rack
Imagine if you will
All together upside down
And the shiny blade will spill
Your blood its so efficient
That some it will pass by
And they then get their head cut off
And then ofcourse they die

Others sometimes get the chop
But arriving at the place
Where their feathers are removed by
Boiling water, if you face
That death after a whole life
Of torture you might feel
Pissed off at the consumers
Who are after the real deal

As a vegan I am sorry
For the chicken every time
Facing terrible torture
And living in its slime
Often not enough water
Often with dead chums
In a space it cannot turn around in
With out being near their bums

Excrement goes everywhere
You cannot sit it out
In a cramped up hell hole
Thats what its all about
Making the cheap end price
And balancing the books
And doing it for certain
To please the TV cooks

Where is our compassion
Our empathy and care
Why are we so heartless
And so bloody unaware
We are at zero tolerance
Callous and dry-eyed
And the sweet souls live and die
In hell holes
That are all denied

Really there is a wrongness
Its disgraceful what we do
Really we are culpable
Their poor lives
Its all true
There is no such thing as justice
Though sometime soon maybe
When people die from infections
Who didnt hear my plea

I urge you all to wake up
Stop this molestation now
This evil this vile farming
Only you know how
Of all the chicken murdered
Five percent free range and fed slow
I oer cent are organic
And now the rest you know
Its a dereliction of duty
A lack of alacrity
Those beautiful clucking chickens
Being murdered constantly.

A vegan lifestyle would be infinitely healthier
And would save the lives of so many souls
Who will otherwise continue being persecuted
And eventually murdered in just a few days
Of their birth

We would also have a healthier environment
All this chicken shit and waste coukd be prevented

Also we can reduce the number of death of human beings
From antibiotic resistence and you better believe me
This figure could be massive

Industrial chicken RRP £3.15

Free range £9.50

Organic certfied €12.80


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