Hyoscyamus Niger

On chalk or sand
It sinks its roots
The taste of salt
It feels and needs
Its stems will thicken
And branch and grasp
A pale green hair strewn
Malodorous ask

Culpeper talked of Saturn’s
From Now its flowers
A funnel forming
A darkly yellow maybe so
And an undistinguished purple
Pendulous for those who know

Hog and bean believing clearly
The hog can eat the plant with ease
Some say fowl must never try to
For they may end up on their knees
What is firmly a narcotic
Sleeping is apparently
Likely to be so much deeper
Than felt from normality

Poisoned by the threat of darkness
An antidote is maybe seen
The crayfish holds a true elixir
To save the hog from mortal mean
Jaw tooth sees the husk a shapen
The doctrine of the signatures
Proving it will banish tooth ache
And other sacred overtures

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