Hunted by cowards

Underived and archetypal
Idiosyncratic they
Imcomparable individuals
In almost every way
Elusive and nocturnal
His footprints made to fool
A heel bar it is always there
The hairy pads that call
Out to would be trackers
The terrier men of old
Cut into the soft marl
Where the badgers once took hold

Food debris on the outskirts
Well worn trails we see
Always close to a water source
Its where we find foxy
Not always subterranean
A thick hedge maybe can
Perhaps a brambled drainage ditch
Where an ancestor might have ran

The gauntlet where the barking hounds
A foretaste of what might
Be a bloodlust holiday
Of snapping jaws that bite
Down on crimson brushes
Waving Everywhere
A gathering of the insane bunch
Their noses in the air

Tally ho you hear them blow
The red coats chuntering they
Assembling together
Searching for the prey
The hourglass full to reckoning
The never ending run
Lady luck the causualty
When the day is done

He has a heart where valour
Insists on being seen
His energy his work rate
His potent heart machine
Ready to take off of course
Virility and nerve
Every sinew waiting
To flash around the curve

Clearly enterprising
Mettlesome and spry
Nothing done in moderation
Which my friends is why
Foxy needs respecting
Up againt a wilful crew
Who ride at him on horses
With their packs of hounds
On true

Often in close contact
Their interface is clear
Out there in the matrix
Any time of year
So much agitation
Curcuitous pursuit
Marathoning like crazy
And everywhere a brute

Ready to discriminate
Obtuse in every way
Very very tactless
Making foxy pay
Contrary to reason
Arguing the toss
Unsound minds are everywhere
We all are at a loss

Delusional the nunting class
Manic many, they
Drwss up in their fancy clobber
Making others pay
Muddle headed nit wits
Screwballs yes as such
Sociopaths and zealots
Not many like them much

Foxy’s up against them
The full force of the law
Despite the so hunting acts
The facts
Are something more
Theres a lot of expectation
But we come out second best
its puzzling in many ways
Why the fox is called a pest.

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