A truly compassionate fisherman

Algal blooms
Produce bacteria harmful
To us all
And one fisherman discovered
A turtle
And what did befall
This truly beautiful creature
Was the clearly uncomfortable plight
Swimming in a polluted sense
How could that be right

A fisherman who catches fish
For a living
But could feel
The suffering
A waking nightmare
And how it did reveal
To him the mental torment
The angst the agony
How terribly unpleasant
He could feel the misery

Compassion for another
With a deep seated ordeal
Indisposed snd writhing
Longsuffering and real
His body head and flippers
His shell confounded by
The really horrible algal bloom
And the fisherman knew why

The pollution that was out there
So decided what he could do
Haul the turtle onto his boat
And set to work to view
The predicament before him
With brush and brine and care
He cleaned the turtle of the bloom
Loved him and tried to share

As gently as was possible
Removed the ugly mess
All that irritation
Trying to redress
All his aggravation
To enhance his whereforall
To get him free of all that bloom
A crumb of comfort call

Be worked alone for ages
Cleaning off the shell
The face the neck the flippers
Doing it so well
He must have felt much better
The weight of all that muck
He must have felt much cleaner
He must have thought his luck

Had so improved, I am assured of that
As he was pitched back in the sea
He strode away much happier
Clearly feeling free
The fisherman was able
To use kindness and to be
Understanding and sympathetic
With his sweet charity
Able to console a living being
From the sea
And able to assist him
To once again feel free

This video was moving
It says a lot and I
Kind of felt the gratitude
Of the turtle
From his eye
Red and just acknowledging
His benediction there
As he sailed into the ocean
Feeling more and more aware

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