Hawthorns under the poets eyes

Hedgerows up and down the country
Flourish in a twinkling they
Undoubtedly offer indigenous growth
Every single day
Country roads have an abundance
Of wild plants many who
Live around the Hawthorn
and share the hedge lined stew
They can grow into fine specimens
With trunks of some ten feet
And reach into the heavens
And, really compete
With forest trees and claim a place
And on bleak hillsides they
Are solitary and venerable
Passing time away

They are a proper picture
Of contortion and create
In May a mass of blossom
Whose scent I truly rate
A sweet nosegay of splendour
The cream along the way
Thorn clothed branches
Densely cluttered
A natural fence display
Those blossoms wrap around
The may-pole
Garlands of the fey
Time honoured truly are perhaps
watching over us each day
Snow white blossoms tiny dresses
Who confesses to the scene
Even Spenser all those years ago
Shows us that he has been
Thompson even Shakespeare
Noted Its wild strain
Travelling through the hedgerows
A screen Against the rain
And afterwards the haws
A saxon word no doubt
Song birds come to share
Their worth
They know what they are about
In China sweet meats made
From dried haws sweetened
To this day
Are sucked by would be travellers
Who walk the wild highway
A sprig of hawthorn on ones hat
Tis said on stormy days
A lightening strike
There will never be
And old wives tale
From me

Many a poet could not avert their eyes
From hawthorns gleam
Lovers often seek the shadow
And perchance do dream
Druids in their oak groves
Their ritual doth reward
Those who see the light and write
Do so with accord
Thought to aid the heart methinks
In ancient times of stress
The hawthorns charm
In watery calm
Its properties cool no less
Where thorns or splinters
Stab and fester
Hawthorns blossom water draw
Gently softens the foreign body
And heals the wound for evermore

2 comments on “Hawthorns under the poets eyes

  1. Bob Clark on said:

    Awesome welcome for the Green Man. Thank you kindly, snd Bright Blessings for Bringing in the May.

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    Dear Bob Pleased your birthday was a good one 20/4

    May the tree not our prime minister


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