Toronto pig save

Snouts out
Sucking in the air
Eyes rooted on this life
They are at the destination
The house where all the strife
Is coming to head me thinks
The smell of death is theres
The trucker is a violent shit
Who has never heard of prayers

6000 pigs are killed each day
Intelligent caring souls
They know, what is happening
They have the special roles
Awareness and what pain feels like
The imprompriety
Each miscarriage of justice
And inexcusability

Unloaded with intolerance
Wrongdoers everyhwhere
These gentle soft and beautiful souls
Crying with despair
They know about the black clouds
Threatening them here
The cursing and the vulgarity
And the rancour its all clear

Overheated in that freightliner
Despite the ventilation
No food no water no empathy
For them just no salvation
Forbidding ugly gloomy hours
Is a sunless truck
Such repugnance and detestation
And standing in the muck

The real stench of dishonesty
The cursing rant of those
Threatening their survival
The stench of murder grows
Ofcourse its iniquitous criminals
Who sent them on their way
Farmers with a great big smile
Who trespass when they say

How much they love their animals
Which is the reason why
They send them to the slaughterhouse
Where every soul must die
But not just die but be tortured
Be spat at kicked and told
With expletives from the gutter
How you now are rolled

No stunning, you are a pig for fucks sake
Walk up the ramp and you
Will be tipped into the scalding tank
For that is what they do
Into boiling water
Kept under with a hook
Do you drown or are you boiled alive
Lets take a look

Scant respect of creation
The despised ones we see
Eyes a popping from their heads
Abject agony
The terrible humiliation
The paltriness of man
Who flogs dead flesh as bacon
And thinks he has a fan

The dishonesty is paramount
The unconscientiousness
All feel
The disloyalty and spivvery
And treachery so real
Legs of pork and apple sauce
Crackling the accursed
Each baby heart extinguished
Its as if its been rehearsed

Some will buy a joint perhaps
And cook it worms and all
A karmic debt of improbity
Voraciously they crawl
Gorging fat and blood and snot
And mucus on their way
These writhing maggots
Born of death
There for us to pay

A tape worm for the model
Who wants her pork quite pink?
A gormanizing dropout
With that familiar stink
Covered up wirh Dior perhape
But the tell take stench is there
The drooling epicurean
With her gut rife with despair

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