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Live export of Scottish Calves

Put yourself in our place If you dare, if you can Imagine the fear the terror A man Arranges your passage 2-5 week old, they Not even weaned yet Having to stay In a truck, bound for Ramsgate Leaving … Continue reading


A standoff in Paris Tear gas aimed high Shields at the ready The tension feels high They charge at the crowd As the rocks start to fall Paris a battleground A moving wall Of bodies some injured Bystanders who Were … Continue reading


To the instinctive weaver I pledge my heart and soul Designer and creator Whose silks suggest a role Scaffoldings of tensile strength Suggestions of a way Perhaps to attract the opposite sex To follow and to play Attached along this … Continue reading

An injured deer

Contempt for life The disrespect The Wrongheadeness And Wilful neglect Called to an accident The police Show their wickedness And increase The pain and suffering All can see The wrongness and Impropriety A wild soul lays there Crying out Its … Continue reading

Toronto pig save

Snouts out Sucking in the air Eyes rooted on this life They are at the destination The house where all the strife Is coming to head me thinks The smell of death is theres The trucker is a violent shit … Continue reading

Fox hunting

The act must never be repealed Whatever hunts might say These curses of impropriety And wrongfulness Each day They form their hunts and charge the fools Their £40 a ride Each grievance each illicit act The iniquitous devide Fox torture … Continue reading

Armadillo’s and Bushmeat

Brazil is up there Towering above the others Bushmeat there From Armadillos can Bring into the human population leprosy thats where it all began Anyone who eats it once or twice a month Is open to the bacterium for sure … Continue reading

SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romontus)

Government of the people Particularly of ROME A mind of great philosophy Where Romans call their home A city of great variation Artistic to the fore Where laws are made But are broken By the Romans who are sure The … Continue reading

General disrespect of native women and girls

Apparently it feels to me That native women seem To have always been in jeopardy As long as the people dream The Indigenous women Tragically seem at risk One has to say And in Winnipeg such violence Seems to happen … Continue reading


“The loves of the gods” Above us Extending with great soul Annibale Carracci Took on this splendid role It was known as mannerism A technique of artisty 11 years of dedication And perfect synergy The frescoe’s they were beautiful Immaculate … Continue reading


She hails out of Kentucky From Nippa I was told For a couple of thousand dollars A black giraffe quite old Unable now to mate, we hear So a prime target she Stalked the poor old bugger And shot it … Continue reading

Bush meat (Nungunungu) Porcupine in swahili

In Kenya those who live Close by to the bush Apparently Are farming maize For selling But are finding tragically Wild animals like elephants And porcupines come by At night and dig the crops up In Kiambu they rely On … Continue reading

EU and some more

40 billion quid To stay in the EU swamp Actually most of us now realise It is no big romp Unelected bureaucrats Feathering their own nest And all the negotiators Should all be under arrest No deal we want no … Continue reading


Elephant meat is sought after We understand In the Cameroons and Congo Where Its often smoked to preserve it Which helps to make it tastier Its a bit like SPAM i understand Gamey to those aware Women seem to prefer … Continue reading

Gorillas we have missed

They are a peaceful family Powerful certainly Strictly vegetarians Which accounts for their Honesty Respectful of their environment And their family as a whole They have a code of honour And as great apes do have soul DIane Fossey knew … Continue reading

“Under the sky”

Under the sky The once peaceful heaven The colours of morning Once as blue as the sea Now streaked up with Aerosols And as bugs we scatter No matter We stutter For no longer we be In freedom no tragically … Continue reading


In Africa The people are the culprits The taste of the domesticaled souls Do not become as sought after As the wild souls of the forest Huge quantities are being killed Whose roles Fed into biodiversity and environments And what … Continue reading


Brino in name only The compromise of May No trade deals in the offing Just left to fade away Independence And closing borders They want our guts they do Maybe they love garters But it stinks To high hell And … Continue reading


Macron the reformer The remainer the elite God like egoistic Its his covetous deceit A mouth piece of the EU The new world order And the rest The yellow vests Were rising And his patience They will test


Close to where I live Wild foxes like to roam Quite close to Berkhamsted castle Clearly they are at home Beautiful wee wild folk The most curious of souls Secretive and timid They have taken to their roles Quietly in … Continue reading


A land walking mannatee Created we hear To end certain hunger Although its not clear A Genetically altered Creative attempt To put food on the table And therefore pre empt The world and its shortages Apparently This beautiful kind caring … Continue reading

Repositories for nuclear waste storage in the UK

The mail has mooted Plans afoot To dispose of Sellafields vile radioaactive horror The tories sad denial Gullible communities Preferably far away In the North of England Where the hoi polloi Now stay Thats the snobbish banter They hope will … Continue reading

Onaqui Mountain Wild Horses

The Bureau of Land Management Beaurocrats by birth Clearly know fuck all about wild horses And the earth All they care about these days Is money in their pot Abusing wildness daily That is all they have got From Colonial … Continue reading


Humanity is clearly off course One now has to feel We lack realisation And somehow we conceal The obvious awful danger To the wider public who Live their lives as best they can But remain unseeing, who In their right … Continue reading

New years day ( a coming together of emotions)

A battle ground Awaits the eyes Of those who would be wild Ashridge in the present Witnessing this child Absent for a lifetime Whilst being hurled in flight The baying hounds In essence Clearly now in sight A new year … Continue reading