A land walking mannatee
Created we hear
To end certain hunger
Although its not clear
A Genetically altered
Creative attempt
To put food on the table
And therefore pre empt

The world and its shortages
This beautiful kind caring
Sweet entity
Owned by a corporate
MIrando who
Just want to replicate
It thats their view

But Mijia is out there
And clearly she cares
She loves this cute animal
And she just shares
Its calmness its peacefulness
And wants to be
Close to her friend
For an eternity

This is the story
The pig industry
Transposes this creature
And wants it to be
A great money earner
But then again we
The animal rights people
We dont agree

Mijia and others
Come to her aid
This is the story
Thats been overlaid
Okja the star
Okja a soul
Genetically altered
But still in control

Emotions run through this film
I have to say
Thanks to my new friend
Who showed me a way
To see the sweet beast
And perhaps watch it soon
Golden sassafras

Its seems we’re in tune

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