She hails out of Kentucky
From Nippa I was told
For a couple of thousand dollars
A black giraffe quite old
Unable now to mate, we hear
So a prime target she
Stalked the poor old bugger
And shot it tragically

Clearly into ethics
And management is she
Forking out 2000 dollars
Her philosophy
Is being able to hunt them
Helps the locals and she
Participates in eating it
We hear and she could be

Experiencing the bush meat
And the genuineness
Giving her a whip hand
An eminence no less
Clearly quite inadequate
And needed to raise her game
By trophy hunting an elder
Which was her main claim

These animals are suffering
Habitat loss is rife
Human population growth
Add to all the strife
Safari clubs are at it
Atracting would be slobs
Who have the money but little else
They know how to use their gobs

Killing a wild creature
Why do that anyway
Does it make you feel powerful
Taking a life they say
Shows a competence and an energy
And impotence if you ask me
A toothless good for nothing
Whose inablity

To see and feel and wonder
To respect and love and care
To somehow derive a potency
From a great beast standing there
Invincible and towering
And you a tpale arsed weed
Who can take a rifle and aim it
And watch the great soul bleed

To Crash down to the earth
A massive cracking sound
Sadly its vulnerablity
And its fraility you found
You the great white hunter
The warrior no less
Who sabotaged her ego
Giving the giraffe stress

Brandishing her fire arm
Its cataclysmic day
Feeling the power within you
As its life force drained away
You the great demolisher
With such intensity
You galvanized your inner core
Of femininity

Zestful feeling effervescent
Vigourously so
The brute now lies before you
Your savage brutal blow
Had seen him off
The lusty male
Brought him down to earth

You are the Kentucky huntress
To Africa you came
You took on the reponsibility
And some hearts you might inflame
You the goddess of wisdom
Decided this male should
Die a death upon this day
In June because you could

Its great life could be ended
You could decide that
Creation was the miracle
But its death was truly at
Your demand,imagine
At the assassins will
An inscrutable suggestion
And its blood you did spill

Did you get some pleasure
As the great beast hit the floor
All those male relationships
With you from before
Seeing this massive male giraffe
Crumble at your feet
No doubt a big arousal
For the warrioress complete

Unwittingly you murdered
A stranger in the park
Feeding off the branches
Still making its mark
You misread and misunderstood
The safari groups intent
They are there to make their money
Is it money well spent?

Death is a finality
And who really can say
This one or that one
Thats its time is up
Because you can afford to pay
For me its an act of folly
Its moronic in many ways
Its unenlightened claptrap
And will be with you all your days

A mental instablity
A neurosis I might say
Off your head I am sure of that
A nutjob that should pay
Unhinged and quite the screwball
In An incoherent in a way
Tess Thompson Tally
She’s the one
And the Southern Giraffe
Old and packed off to the knackers yard
The whole damn thing naf

For me an abomination
Cruelty and spite
Wickedness and wretchedness,
She stole his wondrous light
His ability to marvel
To wonder and to be
Able to almost touch the sky
And wander from tree to tree
For him to taste perfection
The flawlessness of age
Of his memories of his distant loves
Till this women Closed his page

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