Government subsidies matter in Spain

Its easier to hide behind tradition
Let culture take the can and just move on
Killing Bulls in sawdust rings
Is stridently proclaiming
The medieval mockery hasnt gone
Great Roman Colosseums
Going begging
Just the place
To kill a bull or three
Bullfighting contributes to the economy
blessed be the amazing pageantry

Big business there are endorsement deals
All over
Matadors with fortunes, and they feel
More like real rock gods
For just performing
Most are really defiant
Justice real

Animal rights has entered the
A lot have moved on
From the bloody sphere
Fame for all the matadors
That come to strut their stuff
And the chance to prove themselves
Without the fear

Of other cultures
Takin on the bloodshed
Gold and glitter
Bang the drum lets see
Slashed and bleeding
Swords stuck every which way
Killing In the sun
Thats where we be

Its unbelievable cruelty
We know that
The Catalans have banned it
Which is right
The Canary Islanders too
Decided rightly
They didnt want to see
The vile bull fight

A lot of people
Watch football on the telly
Why come out to see
The fights the kill
See them stabbed and bleeding
Where is it all leading
Protests really
most have had their fill

The government seems committed
To the spectacle
I cant think why for the cruelty
Is immense
The smaller venues are dying out
And quickly
The general mood is getting rather

Matadors are getting gored
A plenty
Its good to see for animals rights
Its all down to the karma
And the torture
And matadors that bleed I think

The Bulls are truly proud creatures
Of honour
Many though are slaughtered mercilessly
Death comes slowly to the bulls and pain
Is grave and wrong
The audience though are insensitive
Animals rights belong

Too much arrogant nerve
Is on display here
Torture made
Before each grand event
Killing bulls is family entertainment
The corporatocracy has gone and spent
euro’s really coming out of their earoles
As long and they are willing
I suppose
14 million people watched the spectacle
Last year
Thats a lot of money in tHe bank
Cancelling it out completely
No one knows

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