Gorillas we have missed

They are a peaceful family
Powerful certainly
Strictly vegetarians
Which accounts for their
Respectful of their environment
And their family as a whole
They have a code of honour
And as great apes do have soul

DIane Fossey knew them
She gave her life to be
Amongst them in their aura
Despite the tyranny
Around her from the human tribes
she was comforted to know
The gorillas were in nature
They were part of the flow

What we see today out there
Are the poachers evil sods
Wicked as the day is long
And trophy hunting gods
Who rule the roost with money
Subjecting ego’s too
A dose of illegitimacy
A mind of gratuitous glue

That prevents the truth
And reasoning
Its forfeiting good sense
Its an arrogation
For those people
Who are dense
Devoid of obligation
Malingerers lets say
Willing To be taken in
But still willing to pay

Its all about the package
Safari’s if you will
Collecting you from the airport
Subjecting you to the thrill
Of finding the great gorilla
And slaughtering at will
Of taking home your trophy
From the blood that you did spill

A head perhaps hands perhaps
A status symbol, they
Can gather dust in your study
All those miles away
Trapping for those foreign zoo’s
All culpable as well
Stealing from the forest
And transporting them to HEll

12 million or so eat it
Gorilla flesh, for they
Need the protein on their doorstep
And it can be sent away
Bushmeat has the answers
Its wild and animals do
Eat instinctive diets
That are balanced and are true

Hard wood is a commodity
That countries want to sell
Logging out the earthly lungs
Creating man made hell
Hunting down the wild life
Bush meat sells and sells
Loggers want fresh primate meat
For them it kind of jells

A gorilla in the wild
Needs seventy pounds a day
Of fresh vegetable material
To help them on their way
For this they need the forest
The harmony and peace
They dont want wound or trauma
Just a nice long lease

Ebola fever a disease
Rampant in these parts
Difficult to spot at first
The symptoms and the hearts
Of man are not so understanding
And the great gorillas too
Being close to man
Are susceptible its true

Bushmeat has its risks ofcourse
Primates suffer, they
Can pass on infectivity
And do so everyday
Verminous and festering
Transmitted via their meat
Hurtful and injurious
And really not the treat

The methods used for killing
Gorillas in the wild
Murdering the mothers
And torturing the child
Ebola kills gorillas
And transmits it far
And so we see pandemics
Happening where they are

At this rate of poaching
In say thirty years time
There will be no gorillas left
The reason and the rhyme
Man is unjustly killing
In an unsustainable way
Females give birth every
5/7 years
And so ofcourse today
we are witnessing extinction
And its iniquitous to see
All the work Diana Fossey did
Still the tragedy
Growing at an alarming pace
Trophy hunting KILLS
Its shameful and its insidious
And ofcourse it chills

The very special marrow
In the hearts of those who try
To save the animals
To rescue them
To speak up
And to cry
Tears of unbelievable sorrow
Every single day
Who acknowledge that its happening
That the animals do pay

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