General disrespect of native women and girls

Apparently it feels to me
That native women seem
To have always been in jeopardy
As long as the people dream
The Indigenous women
Tragically seem at risk
One has to say
And in Winnipeg such violence
Seems to happen come what may

824 inuits have been murdered
Or are missing we hear
Many have been found in the river
Their Murders unsolved
And great fear
Is evident and I can understand that
For a lack of respect seems to be
Widespread harassment and sexual abuse
And a harshness and severity

It is thankless and so disappointing
Its insufferable in the extreme
It certainly renders my heartstrings
To feel ghastly and grim it would seem
That the Metis people they suffer
Resigned to the pain that one day
The people could grow to show them respect
And not just look the other way

There is intimidation for certain
Misgivings and mistrust about
People are wary people are watchful
Theres a rudeness thats never in doubt
Prejudice as for the reason
Discrimiation its there
The red river sculptures
From one Jaime Black
Evidence all the despair

Snow sculptures lie on the ice sheet
Of women the victims alas
Poignant reminders of those who are missing
And in a way the great mass
Of beautiful women and each is a soul
Lost to the world of their dreams
Neglected by life and the family perhaps
An affront to a real womens role

Its outrageous as it is insulting
That so many women have been lost
Their lives the irreverent circumstance here
Is really how much it has cost
How many murders have happened
Without due convictions as well
For the women and girls who are
Killed or are missing
This part of the world is pure Hell

So to see on the ice these pure sculptures
Representations in art
Each of a beautiful memory
That catches ones breath for a start
A life form created in snow
In consideration for those
Victims imagining where they are now
Each breaking somebodys heart

Indigenous deaths of women
In the red river Winnipeg Canada

JAime Black. artist
Who sculpts snow figures in the ice
Representing some of the many victims
Murdered and missing

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