Fox hunting

The act must never be repealed
Whatever hunts might say
These curses of impropriety
And wrongfulness
Each day

They form their hunts and charge the fools
Their £40 a ride
Each grievance each illicit act
The iniquitous devide

Fox torture
And fox killing
is immoral and its wrong
Its discriminatory and favouring
And it does not belong.

In the English countryside
Its criminally insane
Its unjustified and unwarranted
And fills me with disdain

of Nature
Evading true control
Its betraying everything we learned
For Hunters have no soul

They chase and instil terror
Into wild angels who
Were created to be the miracles
That run to earth for you

Brainwashing hounds and giving
A false identity
And if they do not make the grade
They are dead too tragically

The jodhpur driven arses
The schooner laden guts
Expletives every which way
The riders making ruts
All over paths and wooded vales
Where wild folk live and play
Fox hunting is dishonourable
In the bright light of each day

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