Elephant meat is sought after
We understand
In the Cameroons and Congo
Its often smoked to preserve it
Which helps to make it tastier
Its a bit like SPAM i understand
Gamey to those aware

Women seem to prefer it for some reason
Elephant’s reproductive organs seemingly
Are good for human beings
Thats their anwser anyway
And a reason why they are dying

Even if we see the death of Ivory
Elephant skin is being used a lot
In Myanamar for jewellery and skin creams
And the flesh too but it is inclined to rot
And has a somewhat gelatinous texture
But an awful lot of meat when one is shot

Logging camps we hear are very partial
To elephant meat and so the ele may
Have to keep its distance from these areas
Or end up being eaten so they say
Buddhists jews and muslims cannot eat it
But China seemingly can eat it, and
Leather is now used we hear
Along with teeth and feet
The elephants are on the radar
It is clear

In the Congo their meat
Clearly is regarded
Its not just only ivory apparently
With so much bulk
It produces heavy poundage
At attractive prices
and the poorer seem to like

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