“Cyril”and the other Belugas and Orcas

Wild Orca’s
Are an ocean going mammal
An intellect much more advanced
Than those
Captors in the commercial world of slavery
Who stole them from their pods
As the world knows

80 beautiful Beluga’s
And eleven Killer Whales
Suffering immeasurably
Their future sadly pales
Into what is terror
And the likelihood that they
Will be shipped off to China
Whatever people say

Now imprisoned in these holding pens
Hell,on earth they be
These social beings
Trapped and slapped and wrapped
In infamy
The Russians are insensitive
To the plight and to the pain
Such mammals whose significance
Its driving them insane

All the joy they once had
Ofcourse stolen away
Grief and sadness follows them
Every single day
In reality they are rotting
Angst-ridden and careworn
Long suffering and down trodden
They need a bright new dawn

The threat is being exported
To China and to be
Caught up in the theme park craze
And the lifelong slavery
These animals are suffering
They are dying if truth be known
Their skin is blistered
And fragile
From all being alone

Its harromwing to see this
Advanced beings they be
Experiencing the harshness
That all of us can see
Their mental state is failing
Their inner feelings do
Suffer really terribly
And this is very true

They have such strong emotions
And sensory desire
The tedium the insipidness
For them its very dire
You killjoys create misery
And vile monotony
Its all so uninspiring
They are broken actually

We beg you from the bottom
Of all our hearts today
Let the whales have freedom
Let them swim away
Holding them for crimes
That you have committed is the sin
And watching them grow more haggard
With excuses are wearing thin

Is frighteningly too

The great big world is watching
The tastelessness today
What reallynis an obscenity
That could just go away
If you would only develop
Some empathy and soul
And ditch the discrimination
And give them back their role

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