I think this is Brazil
And clearly people having fun
The music playing loudly
Underneath the sun
A couple warm and sexy dance
They feel the need
On top of a poor horse
That inside wants to bleed
This is humiliation
Scant respect for life
Disparagement personified
Causing utter strife
She gyrating in her denims
Unflatteringly so
With disdainfulness unworthiness
She cannot even show

The horse she is on
That clearly is suffering in pain
She is riding roughshod
These two are insane
Wheres the duty of care
Tanking up on spirits I can see
Forgetful of the animals rights
With the vilest cruelty

If the horse bucks and they both fall off
Then what will they do
Beat the horse oh yes ofcourse
Its suffering a clue
Look at the horse
And still they dance
No code of honour here
Thankless and unmindful
That is very clear

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  1. Brilliantly written … so on point

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