Calves for Southern SPain from Scotland

Its very regretful
The untimely delay
The gross inefficiency
And there is no way
Live exports should continue
Its terribly wrong
And very young calves
Just do not belong

Picked up in Scotland
On thursday night
Shipped down to Ramsgate
That can’t be right
The ship didnt sail
So a lairage was found
Unloaded and loaded
They were Calais bound
But again not till midnight
Did the joline sail
Which limped into Calais
And again it did fail

Those lamenting animals
At 2.30 they
Got in to Calais
Having taken all day
Wailing and weeping
Each Vulnerable soul
In states that were wretched
All that rigmarole

Travelling knowingly
Its gets you down
But baby animals
We go to town
With primates for zoo’s
But young baby cows
We torture them and frighten them
For hours and hours

Because its all about money
All about veal
About fattening females
For the Middle East deal
Profit and margin and thats how we are
And the poor baby animals
We pummel and scar

That vessel took too long
Whatever the cause
At the end of a journey
A four hour pause
Out from Calais imagine that please
When they were nearing breakpoint
And down on their knees

We should becashamed about live exports
Its evil and wrong
We should not make them pay
With their health with their breath
With their fearful embrace
And With extended passage
No its a disgrace

DEFRA The grey suits
The form scribing mob
The farmers the meat trade
we do sob
We share all that anger
We feel all their pain
And these terrible
should not happen again

LIVE EXPORTS Sap life force
Its cruelty, we
As humane human beings
We really must see
Must feel in our gut
And realise how
Live shipments must cease
they have to stop now

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