Bush meat (Nungunungu) Porcupine in swahili

In Kenya those who live
Close by to the bush
Are farming maize
For selling
But are finding tragically
Wild animals like elephants
And porcupines come by
At night and dig the crops up
In Kiambu they rely

On food like we all do to live
And when the crops are bad
Pillagers are sacrified
It really has got sad
Bush meat is one aanswer
Killing the porcupine
Supposedly the flesh tastes sweet
Some think its divine

These animals are raiding
Graves digging in the ground
Unearthing corpses regularly
That what the villagers have found
Elephants come by its seems
And also eat the maize
Destroy it so that the people
Their crops they cannot raise

They live close to the bush ofcourse
And expect to get away
With wild animals passing
And not eating its the problem of the today
Habitat loss is growing
The people growing crops
On the animals territory
imagining it stops

The animals from foraging
Its madness to believe
The animals seeing native crops
Will just well up and leave

These animals they carry
Fleas and diseases too.
and rooting in the graveyards
One must take the view
Eating flesh cannot be safe
On every level they
Are suffering the vagaries
And the animals too pay

Elephant and porcupine
And other primates too
Are being shot and killed and eaten
Its what the people do
Bush meat is considered
Protein similarly
In towns where there are
Domesticated meats
Its a delicacy.

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