To the instinctive weaver
I pledge my heart and soul
Designer and creator
Whose silks suggest a role
Scaffoldings of tensile strength
Suggestions of a way
Perhaps to attract the opposite sex
To follow and to play

Attached along this path of love
Pheremones that might
With flues and fibres resonate
And weight for weight feel right
And Be as strong as steel infact
With stretchability
With swathing bands to wrap
Ones prey
And vibrate accordingly

Wondrous protein fibres
Sticky traps as well
Cocoons of protection
Varying thicknesses that sell
Up to 7 qualities
OF high integrity
An amazing sense of art form
Of size and accuracy

Uprightness elevation
As plumb as ere can be
Working like an artists and a sculptor
Often in suspension
Out there in the rain
Dangling and swaying
And climbing up again

Sloping dipping art of arts
A masterpiece before
The eyes of one caught by the frost
Whose whiteness knows for sure
A kind of hoary cartwheel
An inversion maybe so
Without a brush or palette
The soft silks still can flow

A form of utter beauty
An outline so to say
Thrown together marvellously
And dealt with in a day
Of evenness and harmony
Isoceles for me
A work of so much beauty
And sinuosity

Inspired by Jan my honest friend
A pagan through and through
Who loves the trees
That share their spirit
Their eminence on view
A photo on his facebook page
Just the other day
Of a web in all its glory
Which stole my heart away.

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