An injured deer

Contempt for life
The disrespect
The Wrongheadeness
And Wilful neglect
Called to an accident
The police
Show their wickedness
And increase
The pain and suffering
All can see
The wrongness and

A wild soul lays there
Crying out
Its back legs broken
There is no doubt
What do they do
Get in the truck
and drive over the victim
YES The fcuk
Such insolence
A vicious act
Then drives forward
And thats a fact
Then reverses
Then drives again
Forward creating
Yet more pain

The deer is screaming
Justice denied
Back and forth
The police
Any compassion
Or empathy
This psychopath
Should not be free

He should be banged up
In a mental place
His actions here
Are a vile disgrace
Condemnable culpable
Murdering scum
His actions
Leave us all
Just numb

Clearly Dry eyed was he
Back and forth
Hoping to see
A squashed deer
Broken under his wheels
I hope to god
One day he feels

The wrath of karma
For clearly he
Is a spiteful sadist
And all who see
Who hear the poor soul
Screaming, they
Will know his brutality
And his viperous way
Of handling a situation here
When he came by
And killed that deer

A lass she videoed it
And we see
And hear the screams
And watch as he
Uses his truck
As a weapon to
Murder the deer
Thats not what you do

nobody anywhere
Would not hear the pain
And call for help
No clearly insane
And wanting to torture
Torment and try
To murder this deer
In the blink of his eye

And no doubt would come up
With a story he
Was video’d so it comes out
And we be
Shocked and dismayed
At his actions and know
How that poor deer suffered
And suffered so

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